Hi to all out there!!

Well, here it is – a decade of my posts about Basses and Guitars and this is the 250th post!! Put the flags out!!

Since I started this blog, I have come into contact with all sorts of people in person and loads of them on line, who have visited the site from all over the world – over half a million of them, which on average is around 140 a day!It doesn’t actually work like that, as the more content I put up, the more visitors I get but it is still a great deal of folks who have dropped in!

The thing I love is the fact that someone has found something in my posts that is relevant to them – as an example I have just had a contact from a new reader who has connections with Peter Cook instruments. Brilliant!

So, if you have been with me from the start – Thank You, I hope you have enjoyed the ride so far. Winter is coming, so I am going to use some of my time to put up more posts, with the ones I haven’t done yet.I did make a start on selling some off but didn’t get very far, so the majority of what you see, I still have. . . .  minus a few. : )

For anyone just landing on here, perhaps best if you click on the link below and that will take you to two indexes I did – all sorts of interesting stuff to see and read and if you want to contact me, scroll right down to the bottom and you will see “Contact me here”, click on that and drop me a line. 

Index List to a lot of Basses and Guitars 

Ten years on and 250 Posts. . . . . Cheers!! : )  


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